So you’ve ordered your Mini Me… so what now?

Now it’e time to give me all the details for your character and we want it to be fantastic so here are some of my Top Tips.

Remember I don’t know you in real life…don’t skip any vital details.  There are just some things I can’t know by looking at your profile pictures or the conversations that we’ve had. I probably wont know if you only wear glasses for reading, or that you favour your right hand when you are working.


Be Specific. I’ve found that people think they are being too picky or feel like they are being difficult when they ask for what they want. But that’s kind of the point isn’t it? To tell me what you want?

Believe it or not, I love specific detailing. It makes my job a lot easier. I know exactly what needs to be done without having to guess.


Photo References. Bombard me with photos!! All the photos!! If you have a specific way to wear your hair, or a specific tool you use for work, send me photos 🙂

Favourite outfit or jewellery? Yup, send me photos, you don’t have to be wearing them, just grab them out the wardrobe, throw them on the bed and use your descriptions to fill in any details that might not be noticed.


The resemblance of your Mini Me to your human counterpart relies on the quality of the details you give me, so be as specific as you like. You aren’t being picky or difficult, you are helping me create the character you want.