Overwhelm is real!

As the number of the small businesses online sky rocket, so do the number of “business experts”

It doesn’t matter where you are, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, you’ll find people telling you all the things you should and could be doing to grow your business.

You’ll see the lists:

  • Have the perfect brand
  • Build the perfect website
  • Keep your crowd engaged on social media
  • Build your email marketing list

…..All on top of creating your products/services

It’s easy for the overwhelm kick in. We all know the feelings, the panic, the half finished jobs everywhere, feeling you aren’t getting anywhere. That’s right, you aren’t alone.

I’m not going to say the list above is nonsense, each of those things will have a place in building your business, but the key thing to remember is:

They don’t all have to be done at once.

I have been in business now for almost 4 years. My brand on the other hand has only just started coming together after changing it 4 times!! If you are struggling and could use some help with your branding Vicki Nicolson is your gal.

My website was a half arsed disaster area until Christmas time, I’m pretty handy with technology but websites are a completely foreign area for me. Find yourself a good web developer and that’s half the battle.

Email list?

Ehhmm….  I haven’t quite gotten around to building much of a list yet….. why? Because I chose to put my email list on the back burner. That is a long term plan which will build slowly, but in the meantime my business needs customers and orders to survive, so I prioritise my social media.

I don’t really know the fancy words and the “strategies” for building a business and avoiding overwhelm, but I can tell you what I know……

  • Set your goals – It makes compiling a plan so much easier when you know what it is you are planning for. It doesn’t have to be a super specific plan, just the basics.
  • Choose where your focus needs to be first – Like my choice to focus on social media before building my email email list, you will have to make choices about where to start first.
  • Plan your time–  This one is my downfall, I tried to be super organised and it just doesn’t work for my workflow or my family. I tend to write a weekly to-do list, doesn’t matter what order it gets done, as long as that list is done within the week.
  • Take breaks–  This is a lesson I learned recently. Overwhelm and Burn out can go hand and hand. Take the time out to do something else, go for a walk, watch that film, read that book then look at the task with fresh eyes.


As for all the business experts…. chose the one to follow that suits you as a person. If you don’t like the thought of pushy sales then you won’t vibe with a business mentor who works that way. It’s that simple. For me, I don’t like pushy sales, it makes me feel slimy and icky, so when I found my mentor Emma Holmes of Rebels and Rockstars, I knew I had found the right place to be.

If you don’t remember anything else about this post, just remember that you don’t have to do it alone, find a crowd that fits with you.