Have I finally lost my mind?

It’s mid November and I have closed my order books already – Have I finally lost my mind?

Quite possibly!

Have I finally lost my mind, it is quite possibly the busiest time of the year for most businesses and I’m closed.

The simplest reason is I take December off for myself.

The main reasons I started my business was because I was trying to be a single mum, a carer for a disabled parent and navigate the world of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Finding a job that gave me the gymnastic level flexibility I needed was down right impossible…. So I created one.

90% of the time, my business is the ideal solution… until winter rears it’s ugly head. The deterioration in my joints caused by EDS, especially in my hands and neck has led to arthritis. So I find it can get quite painful to work during the colder, damper months. Any arthritis suffers out there will know exactly what I mean… my mum included. 

So rather than trying to continue through the pain, I have decided that its just better for me and my poor family who have to listen to my moans and groans to take the time off.

I will be around on social media throughout December for a chat, so you’re not completely getting rid of me. While I’m resting up, my order books are open for New Year, so if you’re thinking of a change just get in touch.

Just remember it is important to look after yourself, regardless of when you need the time off. Ideally we would all take the quietest time of the year off to recharge, but that isn’t always when we need it. You are valuable and you are the most important asset your business has.

Always take care of yourself first.