In a world where it feels like everyone and their dog are starting their own businesses and social media is ruled with baffling codes and algorithms, it can feel overwhelming and complicated to get your business seen.

I felt like that for the first 2 years of my business. That is until I created a rather unconventional way to get my business seen….. my own custom characters.

Custom characters affectionately known on social media as “Mini Mes” are stylised, digitally drawn illustrations based on you. Created using your photos and specifications, so you are in control.

Cartoon Style

The original Mini Me characters are drawn in a chibi “cute” style with iconic large head and wide eyes on a smaller body.

Realistic Style

The newest style, requested by many customers is a more realistic style, still with a cartoon flare. Using clear photos of you, I can create an uncanny likeness of you, right down to your hair and body shape.

Are you considering using a Custom Character for your business?

If you are, here are a few things to remember when trying to decide what you’d like:

It’s important while you write your custom character description to remember that I don’t know you in person. Other than your profile picture and a maybe few short messages, I don’t know anything about you so please describe yourself as if I had never seen you before.

What will you be using your Character for?

It’s useful for me to know what you will use your character for so that we can work together to make sure it fits your vision. E.g- You don’t want a character for work to be pulling silly faces for example (unless thats what you do for a living)

Think about your appearance….

I work predominantly from photographs, so it is essential (especially for Realistic Characters) that I have access to a really good photo of you. Don’t worry if you don’t have any professional headshots you can just snap an unfiltered, head and shoulders picture with your desired hairstyle.

Natural light is important so take the photo outside or near a window is best.

Think about the pose you want your character to be in: standing or sitting? hands on hips? yoga pose?

What items do you use for work? Do you want them included?

Do you typically wear jewellery or accessories?

Do you use a specific tool at work?

Favourite piece of clothing you want to wear? It’s as easy as sending me pictures and letting me know how they’re worn.

There is no hard and fast rule for describing what you’d like, but I hope this gives you a good idea of where to start. Don’t worry, if there is anything you’re not sure on, you can just message/email me and we can talk it through.

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