Amy Newlands Creative Cartoons
Amy Newlands Creative Cartoons - About Me

From childhood I’ve always been known as the arty one, who always had a sketchbook filled bag and could be found in art class over lunch.

These days my sketch book is digital. With more tools at my disposal than just pens and paper, I love creating graphics which impact how people feel about themselves and their brand.

In 2015 I took the plunge and jumped feet first into self employment. I had no real plan other than to create beautiful art which people would love as much as I did and could relate to.

In January 2017 I really found my purpose, helping small businesses to take control of their brand identity. Over the last three years through running my own business I’ve learned what works and what’s needed to create a vibrant, successful brand.I share all of this knowledge when working with clients to create a brand identity to suit them.

All my work is bespoke. I create logos, branded graphics and illustration packages which enable small business owners to create and run their social media and marketing campaigns with confidence.

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