2020 What a year

2020 What a year

2020 What a year? it was a bit of a shit show in general wasn’t it?

Between the Global Pandemic, Australian bushfires and the locust swarm of East Africa (to name a few) I was pretty sure someone upset the cosmic balance of things.

I don’t have the words to rightfully explain the amount of devastation that the world has seen these past 12 months so I’m not going to try. We all lived it, we know.

Whether that is on a business level or a personal one, no one has made it through the year unscathed.

Yet throughout the lockdown and all the tier changes, one thing that has been clear. People have more power to effect change than they realise.

Take lockdown for example. We all slowed down the virus by deliberately becoming hermits for a few months.

Although the isolation of lockdown was hard for many people to get used to. We seen more and more people remember the simple pleasures of a walk or sitting in the garden.

How easy we forget those things when we are running around trying to complete our never ending to-do lists.

Sadly many businesses have had to close their doors permanently. The structures of others had to be changed, introducing a flexible work approach like “working from home” and “virtual meetings”. Im interested to see what changes will that bring to businesses in the future? I can only hope that businesses maintain that flexibility for their employees in the years to come.

Yet during these difficult times, we seen people all over the UK helping each other.

Our NHS and care staff put themselves at risk to ensure that our loved ones had someone there.  My 3 phenomenal sisters included.

Front Line workers like my dad were working their fingers to the bone. Ensuring we had all our necessities and home comforts during lockdown. All while having the patience to deal with super fearful and irate members of the public… hats off to them!

We seen the local community picking up medications, doing the shopping for elderly neighbours, delivering food parcels and checking in on neighbours regardless of how they felt at the time. How incredible are people?

I think many people can relate when I say that 2020 has been a bad mental health year for a lot of us, anxieties have been sky high. Depression and suicides are undoubtedly on the rise, but rather than focus on the things we couldn’t do in 2020, I am choosing to focus on the good that came out of it.

My faith in humanity isn’t as dead as I thought it was, 2020 has made realise that there are still good people around and we need to protect them at all costs.

So as we say good riddance to the year from hell and all the hurt that came along with it, we look forward to a fresh year with vaccines on the horizon.

2021 will be a year of healing for many people, businesses and organisations. If you make one New Year’s resolution, make it to be a help and not a hindrance while we get back on our feet.

Whatever 2021 brings, it can’t be all that bad if we stick together right?